The Dream..

Born from our love of discovering new pastures, meeting new people, and our passion for the trade – came the simple idea of combining all three in a touring caravan bar…

“….Chase nothing but Drinks and Dreams….”

Caravan bar ready to go
vintage caravan bar
Bounty caravan bar
Caravan Bar sound chassis
Caravan bar tow bar
Caravan Bar engineering
Caravan Bar pre-conversion
Before caravan bar conversion
Window caravan bar
Eccles caravan conversion
Caravan Bar left and right
Everything out and ready to start
Space Age Baby!

Our “Dream” is The Last Word Vintage Caravan Bar

Full of excitement and passion we took to the road, our newborn daughter in tow, in search of the perfect caravan. Plenty cups of tea, G&T’s, Google searches and road miles later we found her. A 1950’s Eccles Bounty caravan sitting in The Lucy Jayne Vintage Caravan collection. 

Securing our place on the waiting list for renovation we waved goodbye and headed home, now some 12 months later we are on the brink of living our dream. Here comes our first BIG decision. We like a challenge and, risking a cliché, we want something with a character that will be true to us. This is an essential part of fulfilling “Our Dream”. As such we have decided to get our hands dirty and manage the restoration and conversion into a caravan bar ourselves. We are ready to put our blood, sweat and no doubt a few tears and tantrums along the way into chasing the dream.

Being true thoroughbred skip divers, car-booters and Ebay trawlers we are putting new life into our Bounty by sourcing as much recycled and reclaimed material as possible. In this case one mans trash is most definitely our treasure.

With any luck our caravan bar will be on the road in search of the good times and serving tipple for summer 2017. Follow us in our story, learn about our restoration journey, trials, tribulations, and whatever else comes our way in the next few months.

We’re sure it’s going to be an interesting ride!






















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'…Chase nothing but Drinks and Dreams…'

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