Whisky, Whiskey, Or Bourbon?

If you are an avid drinker, then you know your brands and types. Whether you prefer whiskey or bourbon, sometimes they are one in the same. It has been said that a bourbon is very often a whiskey, but whiskey is not remotely a bourbon. Bourbon is an American alcoholic drink that originated in the southern town of Bourbon, Kentucky. Today, it is manufactured in many distilleries across the United States. Bourbon is made of a mash, which is a grain mixture. It is distilled at one hundred sixty proof, bottled at eighty proof, and barreled at 125 proof. The bourbon is aged in oak barrels. For a bourbon to be qualified as a straight bourbon, it must be aged for two years, as well as meet all of the other requirements. It also can not contain any additives, including coloring.

Whiskey, spelled with the e, is the American brands of the drink. This beverage is made of fermented grains, and is also aged in an oak barrel. There are many types of whiskey, and bourbon is one of them. The other types include corn, rye malt, rye, wheat, and malt. Each one of these different types requires different ingredients. The processes for distilling must be according to regulations that are specific to alcohol trade. This particular department for alcohol trade is the Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits. These rules and regulations help to define the differences in the spirits.

Whisky, spelled without the e, is simply whiskey that is not made in the United States. Many types of whiskey made in other countries are similar in taste, and ingredients. Some whiskey can qualify as a bourbon, but is not marketed as a bourbon. Jack Daniels is a prime example. Most of the major differences are in the Federal regulations, and the marketing industries. So it stands true that a bourbon is a type of whiskey, but whiskey is the umbrella under which all of the different types fall.