Don’t Mix Alcohol and Paintball

Drinking and playing paintball are both fun activities, but no when done together. You should never play paintball when there is alcohol involved. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can have some serious outcomes. With that being said, there’s nothing wrong with going to a bar for a drink after the game but it shouldn’t be involved with the actual gameplay. This article is going to give some examples of why this can be such a bad situation.


The first reason why paintball and alcohol is not a good reason is because there is a much bigger risk of injuries. As you know, alcohol slows down your response time and makes everything seem different. You also are unsteady and unbalanced. This means that there is a risk of you falling and hurting yourself or ending up hurting someone else. Both of those situations could lead to someone being really hurt or, in some cases, maybe even dead. You don’t want to have that happen because of one bad choice.

Legal Risks

The next reason has to do with the legal ramifications. Depending on how drunk you get and what happens while you’re drunk, you can get slapped with a lot of different charges. For example, getting into a fight could result in an assault charge, while falling and breaking something could get a vandalism charge. Many of these charges will stay on your record and you could have issues with things such as employment or getting a driver’s license.

Being Asked To Leave

This reason isn’t as serious as the others but it is still one you don’t want to encounter. The guys over at say it’s actually more common than you might think. If the facility asks you to leave, not only will you have wasted money but your friends will be upset that you pretty much ruined everything. This one bad choice could leave you with strained relationships and possibly a ban from the facility, which means you won’t ever be allowed to go back.

Drunken Attitudes, Violence, Etc

This final reasons kind of has to do with all the previous reasons. When people are drunk, they get bad attitudes and sometimes get violent very quickly. Not only can this be an issue with other people trying to play paintball, but it could end with you getting arrested or being banned. Taking alcohol out of the equation will help prevent all this and it’s really not worth the risk for a little bit to drink.

As stated before, it’s fine to have a drink after the game but, as you can see from these examples, it could cause turmoil if you’re using alcohol while playing the game. If you feel like you need to drink then pass up the paintball game until another day or just wait until after it’s done. It will be much better for everyone involved.