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Us behind our mobile bar

This is us, the husband and wife team behind The Last Word Mobile Bar, Alex and Anthony Preston. 

Why a mobile bar?

Because I’m a home bird and a nomad rolled into one – an enigma if you like. I’m at home behind the bar so I take it with me!

One of 7 children, I was raised in the East Midlands but have made my home in the North West, I’m adaptable, the creative mind, love the open road and making old things new. Not afraid of taking risks and embracing change. I studied Law at university which i funded with a number of retail and hospitality jobs, for a time i worked in criminal law but gave it all up, left Nottingham for Chester and began a new life. After traveling parts of Asia and Europe i settled in Chester where I met my husband. My style is eclectic, influenced heavily by my surroundings and emotions, reflective of my personality.

Anthony is the pragmatist, the realist. The eldest of 5 siblings raised in Merseyside. He is the anchor to our ship and keeps my crazy self in check. With a vast history in hospitality and years in Financial services he is the numbers man, our thinker, laid back and kind natured, he is the peace keeper. He’s embraced the pub culture and has a passion for Ales and Vodka, but mostly Vodka. Secretly he is our visionary, quietly confident, with the patience of a saint!

Together we are parents to two beautiful children, landlords of a pub in Lancashire and now project managers of our very own mobile bar caravan conversion. We love food, we love drink, we love music, we love people and most of all we love a challenge. We are passionate about the journey we are about to take and open to the possibility that we know nothing what so ever about restoration but if we never take any risks we will never achieve our dreams. 

‘ The Freedom of the open road, Be yours to know and love;
With friendliness around you, And the windy heavens above;
Not treading easy paving stones, For ever and a day;
But may you have the will to go, The tougher, lovelier way.’

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